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Pre-Requisites: None

Type: Workshop

Duration: 12 Hours

Wound Care Workshop

Program Overview

Wound Care Workshop is designed for any healthcare professional who is interested in learning about how to prevent, treat, dress, and manage various types of wounds.
This course is for students desiring to be knowledgeable, skilled, and clinically prepared to assist someone with a wound.
Students learn to identify wound etiology and the types of dressings and treatments which are appropriate for both healing and non-healing wounds.

Program Schedule

There are no upcoming events.

Course Outline

•  Wound healing process
•  Wound bed preparation
•  Classification of wounds
– Venous
– Arterial
– Pressure ulcers
– Diabetic foot ulcers
– Inflammatory ulcers
– Surgical wounds
– Wounds of unknown origin
•  Identifying and managing wounds
•  Dressing materials
– Antimicrobials
– Antiseptics
– Hydrogels
– Hydrophilic fibers
– Foams
– Extra Absorbent dressings
– Hydrocolloids
– Films and acrylics
– Charcoal dressings
– Calcium alginate dressings
•  Negative pressure wound therapy
•  Compression therapy
•  Classification of wounds
•  Lower Leg Assessment and ABPI with Hand held Doppler
•  Neuropathy assessment
•  Day 2 of workshop includes a skills class for hands-on demonstration and practice of wound care

*This program does not require approval under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.  


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