Students Already In Canada

AIMS College Healthcare Management Technology invites all prospective students to visit our campus for a FREE Tour to explore various options and discover if what program is right for you. There are many reasons to transfer to AIMS College:

We are Conveniently Located

We are in the heart of Mississauga (major intersection: Eglinton Ave and Tomken Rd) 10 mins from Square One, Mississauga and 11 mins from Brampton Gateway Terminal.

We are Less Expensive

While many public funded colleges charge international students $15,000 or more per year for tuition, we charge less than half for many comparable courses.

All our programs are close to 1 year in length, therefore, stitching a seamless path for you to pursue a career path of your choice in a community college or a university.

Know your Rights

Often when international students try to withdraw from a community college, they’re riddled with half-baked information and a lot of confusion on whether they’re not allowed to change their institute.

While some fee deductions may be reasonable should you chose to transfer to another college, you can withdraw the tuition fee and move to another college of your choice.

If you are told that you can’t withdraw, and you aren’t entitled to a refund, you may demand to see the college’s Ministry-approved Refund Policy.

If you need help or guidance, contact our admissions team to know about taking a transfer from another institute.

Know the Steps

If you find yourself in a situation where you are not happy with an institute in Canada, you may be eligible to transfer to AIMS College Healthcare Management Technology in Mississauga. Many a times, international students chose to stay in a program they know is not right for them because they are told by the college or their immigration consultant that it is not possible to transfer, or they may jeopardize their study permit if they do (which is not the case).

However, transferring to AIMS College is easy:

  • Come to our campus for a free tour and meet with our Admissions team.
  • Submit your academic documents, copy of your passport, English language proficiency test and study permit.
  • You would be required to submit 25% of the tuition fee of the program of your choosing (including $500 non-refundable fee) to receive your Letter of Admission.
  • Submit the withdrawal form at the other college along with the Letter of Admission from AIMS College.
  • Should you encounter any challenges in the process, feel free to get in touch with us. We are there to help you!

Get your Hands Dirty With Real-world Experience

Most of our programs include a practical component enabling students to translate their classroom learning with real-world experiences opening doors for potential future employment.

Our Career Services team takes great pride in assisting students in developing their soft skills including resume writing, cover letter writing, teaching interview skills and more.

Your ultimate purpose should be to find employment in your chosen field of study. Start by choosing a program which maps to a job. Choose a program with a career opportunity when you finish.

Choose AIMS for Success!!

Contact us to schedule a FREE Campus Tour today!!


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