New To Canada

Are you New to Canada?

New to Canada and not sure where to start? We understand there could be a plethora of questions raging through the mind concerning career extrapolation when you arrive in Canada. Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why is it so hard for new immigrants in Canada to find work?
A: While Canada is one of the most welcoming countries in the world, as a new immigrant, finding a job in a career of your choice can be a difficult task. Numerous job applications later, it can be tough it can be discouraging to not receive any interview calls. The reason is that most Canadian employers seek candidates with Canadian educations and/or experience. Therefore, a Canadian credential does get your foot in the door to a better and higher-paying job in Canada.

Q: Why aren’t my foreign credentials/work experience recognized by employers in Canada?
A: While your foreign education and vocational credential are valid in Canada, marrying them with a Canadian education credential not only exposes you to the coveted Canadian education system, but with our hands-on Diploma programs, you would be getting the much-needed Canadian experience as well, which is exactly what the employers look for.

Q: I have been out of school for a very long time… How easy or difficult would it be for me to go back to studies?
A: Being a career college where the aim is to get the students back to job as soon as they graduate, all our programs are designed to cover the basics without burdening the students. All our full-time diploma programs’ schedule is designed to not exceed 20 hours a week and courses are built in extrapolation of each other. Therefore, whether you are fresh off your grade XII or you are mature student, our programs are designed to be comprehensible by one and all.

Q: What are the language requirements to study at AIMS Colleges?
A: For a better assessment of your language proficiency to take admission in one of our programs, please schedule an appointment with one of our admission advisors and they would be happy to help you.