Microsoft PowerPoint

Certificate in Microsoft PowerPoint

Program Overview

Students would be able to create new presentations with text, graphics, tables, charts and diagrams. They would also be able to edit and format slide content and apply animation, templates, themes and slide transition effects as a presentation tool.

Students would be able to customize PowerPoint by modifying the Quick Access Toolbar. Students would be able to enhance the presentation shows with interactive elements to slides, and will learn about commonly used PowerPoint file formats including PPX, PDF and HTML.

Who Should Attend ?

  • Great for professionals and higher education.
  • Those who want to master Microsoft Power Point. Expected level of proficiency in MS Word: Intermediate to Advanced. Includes introduction to keyboard shortcuts.

*This program does not require approval under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.


  • Training on Power Point 2016
  • Instructor led hands-on training
  • Windows 10. i5/i7 processors available
  • PC ratio to student is 1:1
  • Small groups for personalized attention and better learning experience
  • Special Fee for group or business

Program Schedule

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  • Expected level of proficiency in MS PowerPoint: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Instructor-led classes
Module 1: Overview on Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Working in PowerPoint Window
  • Working with an existing Presentation

Module 2: Microsoft PowerPoint Basics
  • Creating a new Presentation
  • Using Templates Adding/Deleting/Modifying Slides
  • Adding Notes to Slides Printing Presentation

Module 3: Working with Text
  • Insert and Delete cells
  • Using Format Painter
  • Working with Hyperlinks
  • Using Conditional Formatting

Module 4: Designing a Presentation
  • Formatting Presentations
  • Changing backgrounds
  • Using Themes and Layouts
  • Using Header and Footer
  • Using Hyperlinks
  • Working with Sections
  • Using Slide Master

Module 5: Adding Tables
  • Building and Formatting Charts
  • Modifying Chart Data and Elements in Presentation
  • Manually Formatting a Chart

Module 6: Creating SmartArt Graphics
  • Adding Picture to a Slide
  • Formatting Graphical Elements
  • Adding “Shapes” to Slides
  • Organizing Objects on a Slide

Module 7: Using Animation and Multimedia
  • Setting up Slide Transitions
  • Setting up Custom Animation on presentation elements
  • Adding Media Clips to Presentation

Module 8: Securing and Sharing a Presentation
  • Protecting a Presentation
  • Saving a Presentation in different Formats
  • Creating a video from Presentation
  • Merging Changes from Multiple Copies of Presentation
  • Working with Review functions including Comments, Track Changes

Module 9: Delivering a Presentation
  • Adjusting Slide Orientation and Page Size
  • Customizing Audience Handouts
  • Choosing Slides to Display
  • Rehearsing your Presentation Delivery
  • Setting up a Slide Show
  • Working with Presentation Tools
  • Broadcasting a Presentation
  • Recording a Presentation
  • Packaging a Presentation for CD Delivery

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Duration: 37.5 Hours


+1 (905) 625-6400