AIMS Colleges offer a number of bursaries to our diploma students to help take some of the weight off the fee and other expenses. Each bursary defines its own eligibility criteria. A brief synopsis of variously available bursaries is given below:

New to Canada Bursary: is available to newly landed immigrants to Canada within the last 24 months. Proof of landing would be required to determine eligibility.

Refugee Bursary: More than 46,700 refugees were admitted to Canada in 2016. A commendable effort undertaken by the Government of Canada, notwithstanding, to support resettlement for these families, AIMS Colleges would be providing a total of 30 bursaries in 2018 towards any of our full-time Diploma program.

Back to School Bursary: We would like to support you in your effort to make a difference to your life by returning “back to school” to forge a (new) career for yourself by offering a bursary of up to $2,500. Contact our Admissions team for more information.

In-Need Bursary: Eligibility for this bursary is determined on case-to-case basis. Please contact our Admissions team for more information.
To get more information on the bursaries available and inquire about your eligibility, please schedule an appointment with one of our education consultants at the campus by clicking here.