Student Career Services

We believe a fulfilling career is a dividend for the investment on obtaining an education. That is why our Career Services department strives to get each and every graduate placed in the industry by conducting a wide array of activities like Job Fairs, developmental workshops.

AIMS Colleges Career Services department offers workshops on a variety of skills including but not limited to Developing Soft Skills, Personality Development, Asking the Right Questions. Not only are these activities helpful in building students’ confidence, but they also leave them with skills that would stay with them for the rest of their lives and outshine from the rest of the crowd.

Additionally, the Career Services team is instrumental in teaching students how to create powerful and effective personal marketing tools for themselves as they focus on creating resumes and cover letters that are effective and concise, effective follow-up techniques so by the time a student graduates, the right job is essentially a phone call away.

For updated information on upcoming Fairs and Workshops, please visit the upcoming events section on the website.

For Employers

We at AIMS Colleges offer rolling intakes for all our programs. Therefore, not only does it benefit the students by offering them various start dates for the same program throughout the year, but also helps employers plan their hiring session beforehand.

All our programs are structured with a perfect balance of theoretical and practical component coupled with a strong focus on solid soft skills, making our graduates job-ready in the most literal sense.

If you are looking to hire an AIMS College graduate, feel free to get in touch with our Career Services team at +1 (905) 625-6400 or email as at