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Pre-Requisites: Computing Fundamentals

Type: Certificate

Duration:  30 Hours

Taxation (Personal and Corporate)

Program Overview

Have you ever wondered how to do your own Taxes?

With our individual short-term courses designed towards understanding the finer nuances of Personal and Corporate Taxation, you could do your taxes with confidence, keep in sync with the dynamic taxation, rules, strategize your financial goals by staying on top of your tax liabilities, returns, and applicable credits/deductions.

Program Schedule


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  • • Prepare yourself to handle your taxes yourself
  • • Ideal for new business startups or individuals looking to take more control of their finances

Course Outline

Taxation (Personal)

• Employment Income
• GST Credit and Child Tax Benefit
• Registered Retirement Saving Plans and Contributions
• Interest and Investment Income
• Overview of Rental & Business Income
• Dividend Income
• Moving Expenses
• Separation and Spousal Amount
• Alimony and Child Support
• Attendant Care Expenses
• Child Care Expenses
• Capital Cost Allowance
• Home Buyer’s Plan
• Foreign Pension
• Tax and Single Parent
• Education and Tuition Fees
• Ontario Sales Tax Credit
• Resident and Non Resident
• Rent and Property Tax Credits
• Seniors Tax Returns
• Claiming Credit for Elderly Parents
• Disposition of Stocks and Mutual Funds
• Medical Expenses
• Charitable Donations

Taxation (Corporate)

• Employment Income and Business Statements (T2124)
• Employment and Trucking Expenses
• Depreciable and Non-Depreciable Assets
• Recapture and Terminal Loss on the Disposition
• GST and PST Returns
• Difference Between an Employee and Self-Employed
• Introduction to E-File, Making Tax Returns E-File Eligible
• Business Losses, Rental Losses, Business Investment Losses
• Deceased Tax Returns, Trust Returns & Attribution Rules
• Severance Package and Implications
• Corporation Tax Returns (T2)

*This program does not require approval under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.  


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