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Pre-requisites: None

Type: Certificate

Duration: 20 hours

Certificate in Computing Fundamentals & Internet Browsing

Program Overview

This program leads to the rudimentary understanding of computer systems, from the components of a computer (hardware) and an introduction to the Windows operating system. Designed for a novice user, this program gives you the skill needed in today’s competitive work environment and higher education.

Program Schedule

Course Name Start Date DurationDay(s)Timing

Computing Fundamentals and Internet Browsing

January 6, 2020

20 Hours


Time: 10:00 - 06:00


  • • Gain knowledge that is crucial in today’s job market
  • • Learn about specific software programs and their features
  • • Cover basic terminology related to computers

Course Outline

•  Computing Fundamentals using Windows
•  Computers All Around Us
•  Looking at Networks
•  Elements of a Personal Computer
•  Working with Storage Systems
•  Looking at Printers
•  Basic Troubleshooting
•  Buying a Computer
•  Looking at Software Applications
•  Using the Computer
•  Using Windows

•  Looking at Windows
•  Looking at the Desktop
•  Working with Windows
•  Exiting Windows
•  Getting Help
•  Running Application
•  Looking at Files and Using Windows Explorer
•  Using the Recycle Bin
•  Managing Disks

•  Customizing System

•  Installing and Uninstalling Programs

•  The Risks of Computing
•  Accessing the Internet in a Legal and Safe Manner
•  Living Online using Windows
•  Getting Started
•  Looking at Web Browsers
•  Using Microsoft Internet
•  Using Windows Search
•  Qualifying the Information

*This program does not require approval under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.  


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