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Pre-requisites: None

Type: Certificate

Duration: 37.5 hours

iOS - Mobile App Development

This course covers the fundamentals of iOS application development in the Swift programming language. You’ll learn to use development tools such as XCode, design interfaces and interactions and evaluate their usability, and integrate camera, photo, and location information to enhance your app.

Swift is a powerful and intuitive programming language for macOS, iOS, watchOS and tvOS. Swift is the perfect starting point for learning to create apps that run on iPhone and iPad.

Who should attend?

• Anyone looking to gain basic understanding of mobile app development on iOS platform.
• Anyone looking to supplement their income with part-time/freelance or even full-time role as a Mobile Application Developer.

Why Take This Course

• You would be able to integrate Voice, Video and Images in your applications.
• You’ll establish a basic understanding of the iOS ecosystem and would be able to develop and publish mobile games/applications on App Store.
• You’ll also have working knowledge of Swift, Apple’s custom programming language created exclusively for the mobile developer.

Earning Potential

Median earning for an app developer is $60,000 CAD


• Quality software Instructors led hands-on training
• Periodic in-house interactive sessions with industry professionals
• State-of-the-art facilities
• PC to student ratio is 1:1
• Flexible Payment option is also available


• Install and configure XCode.
• Concepts of Object Oriented Programming (OOP): The type system, variables, functions and methods, inheritance, classes and protocols.
• Control Structures: Using If/­Else clauses, Switch statements and logic to control the flow of execution.
• Data Structures: How to work with collections, such as arrays and dictionaries.
• Software Design: How to organise and format code for readability and how to implement the Model ­View­ Controller (MVC) design pattern.
• Networking: How to make asynchronous API calls, store and retrieve data from the cloud, and use the JSON format for server communication.
• Machine Learning: How to make artificially intelligent apps using iOS 11’s new Core ML framework.
• Augmented Reality: How to create 3D objects in augmented reality and create incredible animations and real-life interactions using Apple’s latest ARKit framework.
• You’ll be able to create your own iOS apps.


  • • Gain knowledge that is crucial in today’s job market
  • • Learn about specific software programs and their features
  • • Cover basic terminology related to computers

Course Curriculum

S.No. Title Hours
1 Introducing Xcode and Swift 1.5
2 Introduction to Swift in the playground 1.5
3 Swift Basics 3.0
4 Advanced Swift 3.0
5 Multiple View Controllers & Navigation 2.0
6 UIKit and the Interface Builder 2.0
7 User interaction 1.0
8 Adaptive layout 3.0
9 Advanced UI Concepts 2.0
10 Keyboard notifications, animations, and scrolling 2.0
11 Tables and navigation 2.0
12 Collections, searching, sorting and tab bars 2.0
13 Local data persistence 2.0
14 Data persistence in iCloud 1.5
15 Graphics and media 2.0
16 Networking 2.0
17 Debugging and testing 3.0
18 Distributing your app 2.0


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