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Pre-Requisites: None

Type: Certificate

Duration: 30 Hours

Administering Medication

Program Overview

This course is designed to provide a solid and firm theoretical foundation and accurate knowledge on different actions and side effects of various medications.

This course will additionally instruct the skills on how to properly administer different medications through particular routes including oral (pills/liquid), nose drops, eye drops, ear drops, suppositories, topical, transdermal, etc.

Program Schedule

There are no upcoming events.


• This course is delivered by a Registered Nurse or other Medical Professional
• A Laboratory module provides students with hands-on, practical training
• With a Certificate in Administering Medication, stu-dents are better prepared to complete in the work-force for positions for Medical Office Administration, Personal Support Worker, Healthcare Aide, and any Caregiver role.

Course Outline

•  Training on collection of information on the patient profile including allergies or health con-cerns
•  Study of common frequently prescribed medications administered by both Personal Support Workers or Caregivers
•  Knowledge of the legal aspects of proper administration of medication including the Con-trolled Acts in Ontario
•  Acquaintance with the different rights and responsibilities of proper medication administration
•  Understanding the importance of medication monitoring
•  Practical, hands-on training for administering medication, through different routes, in a labora-tory module

*This program does not require approval under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.  


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