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Given that all our information is floating above our heads in one or the other cloud, cyber security has become imperative for all businesses alike.

In a world where we all feel the need to be connected, not all connections are desirable. Especially the ones that lead us to malware, ransomware, data theft and so on. Cyber security breach has never been so threatening as it is right now.

But how can an enterprise deal with cyber security threats in an efficient way? Is technological upgrades the only answer? Or there’s more than what meets the eye?

As cyber threats have increased in frequency as well as complexity, an integrated approach is needed.

  • Upgrading to advanced security technology products to stay one step ahead of cyber attacks.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of cyber security policies can aid in the lowering of cyber attacks.
  • Employing a highly trained team of network administrators and cyber security experts to further reduce cyber security breaches.

At present, companies and businesses are facing increased cyber security breaches and losing millions of dollars in damages owing to unequal attention in all the three above mentioned areas. While some think that an expert technical team will handle everything, others think that product upgradation is the only solution.

What needs to be remembered is that cyber security is an integrated and interventionist approach and should be dealt with in the same way.

The silver lining

Say that learning from past mistakes or learning from mistakes of others, companies and enterprises are now investing heavily in the policy and technological upgradation part. With such a huge amount of sensitive and volatile data at hand, security upgradation has become the first requirement for any business.

Apart from that, CISCO’s upgraded offerings in terms of cyber security are noteworthy. CISCO invests heavily in security researchers for the same purpose.

What needs to be looked forward to is the Intent Based Networking that’ll change the way we look at networking altogether.

Expert cyber security team

With CISCO upgrading its networking courses on a regular basis, a trained team of cyber security experts is not much of a problem. Many competent institutes across Canada such as Aims Colleges provide diploma in network administration in Mississauga that includes comprehensive training on cyber security.

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