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Software Development Testing Type: Certificate Course Duration: 35 hours

Course outline:

  •  IT infrastructure – Overview
  •  Quality Assurance Fundamentals Concepts
  •  Software Development & Testing Life Cycle
  •  Software development life cycle
  •  Software Testing Life Cycle
  •  Software Testing Methodologies & Types
  •  Defect Management Life Cycle
  •  Test Management Tool
  •  Interacting with Database Through SQL
  •  Software Testing – Documentation
  •  Automation in Software Testing
  •  Mock Software Testing Project


Software quality assurance consists of various methodologies involved in monitoring the software engineering processes ensuring quality. A variety of method methods are used in achieving this and may include ensuring conformance to one or more standards.

SQA encompasses the overall software development process including processes such as requirements definition, software design, coding, source code control, code reviews, software configuration management, testing, release management, and product integration. Total SQA process is further ordered into goals, commitments, abilities, activities, measurements, and verifications.

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